Outsource Your Website Live Chat


Live Chat TeamLive Chat is an important feature for any website and users find it the most efficient communication channel today. Be it an Ecommerce store, a SaaS product, an iOS application or a Corporate business website, Live Chat adds great value to customer satisfaction and helps with sales funnel.

Either you are just starting up or already have a running business, we can help manage your website Live Chat and assist your customers with sales, technical or billing inquiries.

We can staff your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We at Digitech Outsourcing Solutions, provide 24/7 Customer Support Team and can help you manage Live Chat for your website(s). We have more than 4 years of experience providing support services, have skilled staff and can guarantee excellent communication skills.

We can cover 24/7 OR Non-business hours OR just weekends!

Service Features

We can help you increase your website conversions, assist in grabbing more leads and help your customers when they need it most !

Below are the main features we offer as part of our service

Free Live Chat Software

We offer 1 free license for Live Chat software included in our package. What this means is that you will be able to access Live Chat Dashboard, Live Chats in queue or being handled, Live Chat Reports and Transcripts.

We use Live Chat Inc as our Live Chat Partner. Live Chat Inc is really easy to setup, offers integration with most online systems and is easily configurable.

Below are some screenshots of Live Chat Software, contact us for more details:

24/7 Coverage

If you run an online store or have customers spread around the world, you surely understand the importance of 24 hours customer service.

We have designed our service in a way that we can provide coverage Round the Clock or for Extended hours (12 hrs or so) or Business hours or just Weekends.

We offer 99% SLA for availability and guarantee excellent quality of work.

Build Knowledgebase

Having access to a properly written Knowledgebase or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is helpful for both internal and external customers. While it helps agents answer customer queries effectively and assists in training, it also reduces customer interaction with support and helps them find solution to their problem immediately.

We can help you build Knowledgebase and FAQs based on information you have. Based on project, we can offer this for free.

Experienced Team

Customer Service Agents are one of the most important factor contributing in customer satisfaction. An experienced agent can not only handle angry customers well but can also reverse the situation by listening to their issue(s) and provide alternate solution.

For this reason, we have trained our agents to always remain CALM, remain FOCUSED and POLITE. Our team has several years of experience in this field and have handled thousands of customer interactions over past 4 years.

Also, team works from one office location and is managed by professional customer service manager and a supervisor.

Easy To Work With

Handing over your businesses’ customer support to an outside service is a really tough decision and it can risk your business than anything else. Keeping this in view, we guarantee that after initial meeting with us, you will feel like we were destined for each other :)

We are friendly, can communicate well and are always on our toes to resolve any issues that come up during the process. We prefer communication via an Instant Message service like Skype, HipChat or Google Hangouts etc and our team including supervisors are added in group chat.

Give us a try !

How It Works

We are very easy to work with and follow a simple yet effective process to onboard our clients. Our CEO and the Customer Service Manager are actively involved in the process.

1. Signup for Trial

Signup For Trial to get started, during this step you will provide your requirements for project, what you are looking for and we will provide details of what we will offer

Once we receive your details, we will provide estimated budget for work.

2. Provide Training

To move forward with trial, it is important for us to get ready and understand your business. At this step, we will require you to provide details about your product or service, share documentation and FAQs.

Preferred method for training is via GotoMeeting or simple voice call

3. Live Chat Setup

After training, we will complete operational requirements based on the type of service you are interested in.

  • For Phone Support, we will provide a local number where you can forward calls to and if it requires outbound calls, we will setup our CLI as your business number.
  • For Live Chat, we will provide a Live Chat admin account where you can login and customize Live Chat Settings according to your business need and install Live Chat Code on your website.
  • For Email Support, you will simply need to provide us access to your helpdesk system or Email used for Support

4. Begin Trial

Once everything is setup, we can begin trial which usually lasts 3 full days and during this period, we expect your continuous feedback.

To make this period smooth, we normally setup a Skype Group with our Customer Service Team and a Manager, this allows them to quickly communicate with you or your team during a call or live chat.

5. Begin Service

Once everything is setup, we can begin trial which usually lasts 3 full days and during this period, we expect your continuous feedback.

To make this period smooth, we normally setup a Skype Group with our Customer Service Team and a Manager, this allows them to quickly communicate with you or your team during a call or live chat.

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans below are Standard. Please get in touch for CUSTOM Pricing or DEDICATED Team

  • Small Business / Startup
    $/ month*or $ 1500 per year - Save $300
  • Plan Details
  • 150 chats per month
  • $1 per chat
  • 1 Basic LiveChat Inc license
  • 24/7 coverage for chats
  • Chat History
  • Live Chat Widget installation
  • Limited Reports
  • Signup Now

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs below are based on our experience. If you have more questions, get in touch today

1. What type of chats do you handle?

We provide support with general inquiries, assist customers with sales process and handle 1st level technical and billing concerns.

2. What type of coverage can you provide?

We can provide round the clock coverage for your website(s). This includes:

  • 24/7 coverage
  • Business Hours (your timezone)
  • Extended Hours
  • Weekend and Holidays

3. Do you offer Live Chat Software as well?

We offer Live Chat software with our service called Live Chat Inc. One license is included for FREE.

You will have access to Live Chat Transcripts, Live Dashboard, Reports and lots of other settings.

4. Do you offer Integration with Google Analytics?

Yes, you can easily integrate with your Google Analytics account, see full article here

5. Do you offer Live Chat for small businesses?

Yes, we are a small but growing setup and love to work with small and medium sized businesses.

6. I don't have FAQs developed, do I need to prepare them first ?

No need to, if you don’t have proper FAQs or Standard Procedures documented, you can simply provide us information available to you and we can help you organize it into FAQs and Knowledgebase. We are easy to work with and you can simply hop on call with us and begin training!

7. Are your agents Multilingual?

We currently only provide support in English Language however, we can use Google Translator to assist customers in other languages (if chat volume in other languages is less)

8. Can I see chat transcripts?

Yes, you will have access to proper dashboard and you can view Live Chats we answered. You can also supervise an Active Chat from within the Live Dashboard. You can also forward chat transcripts to your email address.

9. Will I have access to reports?

Sure, you can view different types of reports including Number of Chats answered, Chats Abandoned, Availability Stats, Good vs Bad Rated chats and much more!

10. Is your team experienced?

We have more than 4 years of experience providing these services, our team is skilled, can write flawless English and have worked on several projects with us.

We have used several popular helpdesk and live chat systems and have worked in Ecommerce and other Custom CMS

11. How soon can you start?

Once you submit your request, it can take upto 48 hours for us to get ready for 3 days trial. Once you decide to proceed after trial, we can begin immediately.

12. Do you offer Free Trial?

We offer 3 days FREE trial. During this period, we will actually work for you free of cost and we don’t require credit card information submitted in advance.

13. What do I need to provide to begin?

We need following to start:

  • FAQs or Information about your product / services
  • Additional training if product or service is of technical nature
  • Support from you or your team during initial days to ensure we provide effective support
  • Any additional requirements regarding installation of Live Chat Software

14. What will you provide to begin?

We will provide following to start:

  • Live Chat Code for installation on your website(s)
  • Technical assistance with installation of code (if needed)
  • Introduction with our team and Customer Service Manager
  • Answer any questions you may have

15. How do you accept payments?

We accept payments via Credit Card, PayPal and Wire Transfer into local bank

16. What are your pricing plans?

We provide customized plan according to your specific needs, get in touch today by submitting Quote request

Have more questions? No problem.. simply connect with us on Live Chat and or Submit Form below!