“Technology makes life easy.” This seems like an ordinary saying, but DOS has practically demonstrated how to make the lives of its customers easy by the use of latest technologies. These marvelous tools include:

  1. Timecamp (time tracking and personnel management software)
  2. Asana (project management software)
  3. Dropbox (secure online file sharing software)
  4. Ms Word and Excel (Well known Ms Office applications used to process documents and spreadsheets)
  5. Google services including Google Drive and online documents (1TB of Google Drive space and using Google Docs to share documents within team and with clients)
  6. OpenERP to manage all company operations including Project Management, Team’s schedule, Work Planning, Productivity, Human Resource and day to day company operations.

These gadgets not only help us to improve our working efficiency but also to reduce errors in our assignments. This way we can always deliver on time and also maintain our work productivity.

State of the art

Moonis Mansoor is Chief Executive Officer at Digitech Outsourcing Solutions® (DOS), an outsourcing service provider with 24/7 Customer Service and Administrative Back Office Support Solution.