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Customer Service is an integral part of any business, small business owners mostly manage it themselves while medium and large scale businesses either hire in house or outsource to specialized companies. In today’s fast paced environment and increased use of Social Media, users in general expect a business to act fast and offer instant support.

To coupe up with latest trends, it is important for a business to offer Support to their customers through Live Chat. This is also one of the reasons, many E-commerce businesses today build their stores on sites like Facebook, as it allows them to instantly interact with their customers.

Live Chat is still an untapped potential that can not only boost your sales but also help you understand your visitor’s behavior on your website.

Below are few main reasons we think EVERY online business needs to have Live Chat installed on their website:


1. Say Goodbye to long queue times and frustrated customers:

Help quickly with Live Chat

Traditional phone support gets slammed with hundreds of queued calls when you are running a promotion or there is a problem with service. This has been a challenge for many businesses who can’t afford to hire large teams and end up in having a frustrated customer base.

With Live Chat, you can not only assist your customers instantly but also save them from the hassle of going through long IVR menus before they can speak with a human. From a customer’s perspective, this alone can turn them into a happy customer and from business’s perspective, live chat helps one step towards achieving your goal for world class support.

2. Why wait for Support team to respond in 24 hours!

Email is still a preferred method of communication for many businesses but why keep your customers waiting for 24 hours when they need instant help, for instance they may need some more information before signing up or want to reset their account password?

With Live Chat, you can not only speed up the checkout process by answering product questions instantly but also provide fast and efficient technical support to existing members.

For instance, if you are hosting a webinar to promote a new product or service and someone is experiencing problem connecting to webinar, assisting via email is not the best option (especially when you announced to offer on call webinar bonus). Similarly, if you are an ecommerce store and running a 25% discount on New Year Eve with limited slots, Live Chat can help your customers convert quickly and easily.

3. Easy access from anywhere in the World:

Is your customer base spread in different countries and you strive hard to provide excellent support? Live Chat has made it so much easier for businesses like you to interact with your customers from anywhere in the world.

Easy Access to Live Chat

Instead of setting up offices in all major countries, you can provide support through live chat on your website. Your customers only need access to internet (which they already have when making online purchase) and its 100% free for your customers!

4. Turn visitors in buyers:

Although well planned marketing campaigns and proper sales funnel can help achieve your sales targets, you still lose lot of visitors who don’t purchase!

Live Chat Software today allows you to not only monitor your website visitors live as they browse, they also integrate well with third party services like Google Analytics and let you analyze traffic patterns better.

More than 30% visitors purchase instantly after chatting live with a support agent, who help them decide if your service is really what they need. You can also customize how to interact with your customers during their purchase, for instance, you can configure the software to greet your customers if they have been on cart page for more than 5 minutes (possibly having a problem?)

Imagine of Live Chat as getting a personal assistant when you go to a local grocery store, who would help you decide which items to purchase and from where to purchase.

5. Let your customers just connect with you:

Live Chat helps you greet your customers pro-actively while they are going through you website using the ‘auto greetings’ function and it also allows them to chat with you anonymously without providing their personal details like email or phone.
This specifically helps during sales.

6. Spend less and get more!Lowering Costs with Live Chat

Live Chat helps you decrease your customer service costs significantly by lowering demand for phone support. Also, now you can interact with larger customer base with your existing team because a skilled agent can easily handle up to 3 customer interactions simultaneously.

Also, if you manage call center operations, with increase in customer base, you will need to invest heavily in getting new equipment and getting more trunks for calls etc, however with live chat on your website, these costs can be minimized.

Multi Language Support with Live Chat

7. No need for Multilingual agents:

Do you often get inquiries that are in languages other than English and still want to answer them? With Live Chat, you don’t need to hire multilingual agents and they can use online tools like Google Translate to effectively answer customers in all languages.

Some Live Chat software have built in translation feature that makes it easier for agents to handle live chat in all languages.


8. Increase effectiveness of your Marketing efforts:

Increase Sales with Live Chat

Driving traffic to your website requires serious marketing and SEO efforts which requires time and money investment however, there is no use of these efforts if you don’t capture leads effectively. Live Chat software allows you to greet your customers with custom messages and engage them immediately.

For instance, if you running Ads using Google AdWords and offering 30% discount on new pair of shoes you just launched, you can set your greeting message to be something like ‘Want us to help you with our discount offer?’. This won’t need to change greeting messages for your website in general and you can use different messages for different pages on your website.

9. Increase your business credibility:

As live chat enables your customers to interact with ‘humans’ instantly and easily, it increases customer satisfaction and as a result, make your business more credible. Having Live Chat service on your website is a win-win situation for you and your customers.

10. Easy Troubleshooting:

Imagine begin on call with a non technical customer who forgot their account password or is having trouble installing new software, it could take lot of time to assist them over phone or email, however, when on live chat, you can share step by step instructions (like knowledge-base articles, screenshots) and let them follow the process easily.

Growing Business with Live Chat


 11. Support Your Growing Business:

One of the challenges small businesses face is providing effective support to their growing customer base without incurring too much expenses. If you offer phone support in house and have a small office location with limited seating capacity, this can create a hurdle.

With live chat, your agents can not only handle more customers simultaneously but you can also increase your support staff with minimum cost. Also, it’s easier to train a new agent on Live Chats than phones.

12. Using Social Media vs Live Chat Software:

You may already be interacting with your customers instantly using Facebook or Twitter and may think, why use Live Chat Software instead!

Although social media is an effective way of communicating with your customers, it can become frustrating and unorganized when dealing with lot of back and forth communication. Live Chat software allows you to not only document all customer interaction (for future reference) but also provide reports that can help you make business decisions quickly and profitably. With Google Analytics integration, you can track your customer activities and learn purchase trends.

If you have an online store on Facebook, you can integrate Live Chat feature directly on your fan page and don’t even need a website to offer live chat support.



Customer Service is a continuous process that lays foundations of a successful business and with proper tools & training, you can make your customers happy. Most businesses today have online presence in form of website or social media and it is extremely important for them to open all doors for their customers and hear what they have to say. Live Chat is one of the core channels of communication and hold paramount importance, thus should not be ignored!

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Moonis Mansoor is Chief Executive Officer at Digitech Outsourcing Solutions® (DOS), an outsourcing service provider with 24/7 Customer Service and Administrative Back Office Support Solution.