You Have A VoiceThere is a striking difference between listening and hearing to the customers as the latter has more profound impact in building a positive customer feedback. Paying attention to customer expectations and requirements does the actual job to incorporate the “Voice of Customer” into strategic relationship management. Voice of Customer helps to gather, analyze, interpret, disseminate and finally prioritize customers’ expectations. Such arrangement will lead you towards better customer satisfaction.

Several techniques have been developed to gather feedback from customers such as questionnaires, surveys, focus groups etc. All these techniques provide customers with either a direct or an indirect platform to speak aloud about their experience regarding your product/service. Now, this shouldn’t be a one-time event, rather it should be an ongoing process for having a grasp over changing market trends in order to adapt and provide a better service. Voice of Customer should cover almost every contact points where a customer can possibly express his/her opinion. These include social networking, online helpdesk, customer support through emails and telephone etc. Four major areas need to be focused for an effective VoC:

Capture: This is how you channelize your resources to develop internal and external contact points to get customer feedback and suggestions.

Analyze: Analyze the information and highlight the most prominent customer satisfaction factors. Then incorporate these factors into workable solutions. Discuss you progress with relevant employees as well.

Act: Sufficiently train your support staff to understand and implement VoC strategies and allow them to be more creative with their jobs. Take actions to improve your services.

Monitor: Examine your employees’ performance, their dedication to the company and measure customer satisfaction. All these indicators will help to identify the effectiveness of your VoC strategy.

Furthermore, employees’ behaviour with customers is the key to create a better service repute. Therefore, employees should be fully equipped with the right set of interpersonal skills and they should have a good knowledge of the product or service they are dealing in. Employees should have the ability to create a healthy relationship with customers through impeccable support service. If a customer can use touch-points to give positive feedback, he can use the same to spread a negative word as well. Therefore, VoC should be carefully implemented to achieve a positive outcome.