Market Business Global Business Marketing Commerce Concept
Market Business Global Business Marketing Commerce Concept

Marketing requires a high amount of budget to implement different tactics but small business setups cannot afford gigantic campaigns so they need to learn some affordable marketing techniques. For small scale business, only those marketing practices are appropriate that are cost effective and relevant with products and services being offered.
Some of the most resourceful and cost effective marketing techniques are:

1. Pamphlets
Pamphlets can be considered as one of the cheapest advertisement tools. An area where your setup is located, you can distribute these pamphlets to people living nearby. This pamphlet can carry some very basic and useful information about your company and also highlight the products and services being offered. Also, distributing discount cards or free coupons among the customers will keep things within your budget and also promote your products.

2. Internet Marketing
Nowadays people spend most of their time surfing the internet, therefore capitalizing different internet sources can be an effective way of marketing for small sized business. There has been rapid evolution in internet marketing over the last decade and the wide-spread use of internet has raised its potential many times, to be used as an effective marketing platform. There are multiple options such as content marketing, official website, social media presence, etc.

Having an official website is a prerequisite, be it a small, medium or a large scale business. Creating an attractive website and putting all the important information about your business, product, services and contact is vital for that matter. If you ignore to have this platform, it means that people surfing the internet will not have any access to your business setup. Similarly, social media is also a famous and effective marketing channel on the net. Almost everyone having access to the internet is registered with one or many social networking sites such as twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. Having your presence specifically at Facebook and twitter will help you market your products to a large audience. These platforms can assist you to interact with your customers and getting an immediate feedback and suggestions from them. Placing free promotional offers such as discounts and coupons can help to increase traffic over social media sites making you more visible on the internet. To economize internet marketing efforts, WordPress can be used as a free HTML editor that can fulfill all the above mentioned requirements.

3. Value Added services
Seemingly, value added services look like promotional offers but they have a good capability of raising customer satisfaction and interest. These services include warranty, guarantee, price reductions for repeat purchases, points earned on referrals etc. and these should be emphasized in your marketing platforms. This is also a very cost effective method since value added services don’t promise very expensive things.

4. Posters
Many public places and shopping malls offer you to paste your ad posters for free. Putting removable stickers on you poster for discounts can give you an idea about the location that can give you many potential customers.

5. Follow-up
Presenting a feed-back form to customers every time they visit your shop offers a great opportunity to bring improvements in your product/services and it costs nothing but a published form and little of customers’ time.