Performance Review words on yellow sticky notes including attitude, work quality
Performance Review words on yellow sticky notes including attitude, work quality

To bring out and augment employee productivity is an indispensable factor for a company’s survival. Employee productivity is essentially required to enhance a company’s ability to earn a good amount of revenue. An office or a factory is not merely a place where employees come to deliver work and get paid in terms of salary. Salary only represents the work delivered whilst the amount and work quality represent employee productivity.

If not evaluated appropriately, every workplace can become mind-numbing and dreary. Unsurprisingly, there are always some factors present in a work environment that can transform it into a less motivated place. Now this is totally a company’s choice to decide how to deal with it in the most effective manner.

Some factors discussed below should be take into consideration to improve the level of employee productivity:

Evading the negative factors

A good manager will always look for identifying factors that can demotivate his employees. This proactive approach can help a company to keep employee productivity intact with organizational objectives. Some of the most known negative factors include job insecurity, minimum career progress, autocratic leadership style, lack of proper communication between employees and management, scratchy co-workers, etc. Overcoming all these negative factors can substantially reduce chances for stagnant employee productivity.

Being Specific about tasks and goals

A company needs to ensure that all the employees are very clear about their tasks, guidelines and goals. Providing general and unclear guidelines reduce employee productivity since they don’t clearly understand their duties.

Eluding Micro-management 

Applying micro-management rule with employees don’t let them feel sincerely associated towards the company as their manager is keenly interested in getting the work done. This makes an employee feel that the company has not faith in his ability.

Rewards and Motivation

There are countless ways to encourage and reward employees apart from monetary incentives. Appreciation and gratitude from the employer makes an employee feel extremely special and it unbelievably raises his spirit. He works harder and harder to get appreciated every once in a while. Furthermore, rewarding employees with titles, awards, trips, recreational activities, friendly environment, flexible working hours, etc. are the most widely used techniques to improve productivity.

Career growth

Progressive career opportunities also result in better productivity. When they realize such concern from the company, employees feel closer and associated with the firm.

Job Rotation

Keeping in view proficiency and skills of employees, they should be rotated to different kind of jobs. Keeping an employee’s competency limited towards a specific job might result in boredom and lack of interest. Job rotation helps to handle this situation as employees come across new challenges and tasks. This keeps their curiosity and interest alive thus leading towards better productivity.

Utilization of Supportive Technology

Using the hardware or software that can assist employees in improving their efficiency should be opted. Technology that can enhance effective communication among employees is also significant in this regard. Making sure that employees get adequate training for reaping the benefits of technologically advanced hardware and software can considerably contribute to raise their productivity.

If a company adopts a proactive approach to enhance employee productivity and specifically takes care of the above mentioned factors than it is all set for bringing best out the best in its employees.