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Among all the infuriated feelings that customers have towards inbound call centers, staying on-hold is the biggest grumble. ‘This is so annoying!’ is what most of the customers say. Wastage of customers’ time is not the only impairment resulting from long call holds; it causes greater damage to the business itself. The average lost productivity has mounted up to cost $130 billion annually, which is unfortunately not an insignificant sum regardless of the scale of any industry. However, there is no point of being hopeless. A little change in the inbound call center services’ strategy can bring very promising results to improve customer satisfaction and to uplift call center performance. These are some of the viable options for you:

Call-Back Option

More than 75% customers want to avail call-back option rather than being on-hold for long. About 50% customers only require exact wait time information. Introducing call-back option will not only minimize frustration on the customers’ side but will also save time and money from business perspective. That will surely result in improved productivity, help you to save costs and achieve sustainable growth.

Creating Agent Teams

Teaming up the call center agents is like hauling the business strategy in the right direction. It helps in many ways. This strategy boosts agents’ confidence; they get to learn from one another, develop better employee relationships, increases their exposure, and create harmony and healthier integration all along in the inbound call center. All these factors ultimately contribute to uphold customer satisfaction.

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Focusing on Customer Experience

Rewarding agents on the basis of better customer experience will encourage positive competition. This will set new performance standards for inbound call center services. The criteria to evaluate agents’ performance should be based on the outcome of customers’ experience. Achievements will become inspiration and mistakes will become lessons.

Ongoing Training Sessions

Offering ongoing training sessions can keep the call center agents updated with recent trends and customers’ expectations. It can further help to improve general aptitude, skills and call-handling techniques. Most of the call centers keep this at a lowest priority which is their biggest mistake. Giving an insight into the entire business perspective can create awareness among agents. This way, they will be in a better position to carry brand image and uphold its core values.

Going off the Script

Agents should be sufficiently equipped with the ability to take appropriate and timely decisions on their own. Empowering the agents to go off the script will improve problem solving ratio at first call and will undoubtedly leave the customers satisfied.

Call Monitoring

One experienced agent (supervisor) should be employed to monitor call quality and customer service standards. Allowing the monitoring officers to guide agents will help in prompt error rectification. This will spare the managers from monitoring the services provided by their employees. As a result, they can focus on more important matters.

Exemplify Good Performance

Call monitoring can enable the supervisors to analyse the actual content of every call. This practice will underpin some good performances and will also highlight poor ones. Hence, the supervisor can publicize good performances, providing others an opportunity to learn and improve. It will help to uplift agents’ call management techniques.

All these efforts will help to enhance inbound call center services and overall productivity. You will be able to tackle with the increasing costs without compromising customer satisfaction.