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Customer Service Call Center

The incorporation of latest technology and up-to-date software has entirely changed the dynamics of call centers. There are revolutionized improvements in terms of efficiency, cost saving, better service and higher productivity. Nowadays, there is an extensive range of call center software in the market and their immense competition has enhanced the facilitation of call center agents. There are a number of call center software with some similarities and a few differences.

Here are a few call center software that offer impeccable features and great efficiency:


Five9 is a cloud contact center that offers numerous products and services. To meet the requirements of sales and marketing call centers, it offers predictive dialing that enhances representatives’ talk time and reduces the irritation of waiting for longer duration. It also offers multiple dialing modes with power, progressive and preview dalliers that substantially improve a representative’s performance by increasing call-to-agent ratio and putting through live customers only.
For service and support call centers, Five9 offers Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that automatically interprets the caller’s history on the basis of their location and previous transactions with the company. This feature leads to customer satisfaction by saving his time. It also indicates priority calls by answering urgent calls first. Automatic Caller Distribution (ACD) enables appropriate resource selection on the basis of the caller’s previous purchases. Another great feature is Computer Technology Integration (CTI) which saves the precious time of both the customer and the company by displaying all the customer-related information on the representative’s desktop. Therefore, the customers do not have to repeat their personal information again and again.

8×8, Inc.

Developing a strong connection with every customer, enhancing agents’ performance and improving overall operations of a call center are the core objectives of this software. This company claims that their cloud contact center is extremely adaptable, can be quickly deployed and is exceptionally user-friendly. This software offers a wide range of services. For monitoring and supervising, there is a separate interface that allows the supervisor to access previous reporting and Frequently Asked Questionnaires Knowledge base. For Reporting and Monitoring purpose, 8×8 provides call-recording and Real-Time Monitoring facilities. There are additional Multi-Channel features such as Proactive Chat that enables extended chat with important customers, Web Call-back allows the customers to just click once and get in touch with the agent without waiting. Social Media Customer Service develops an agent’s connection with social media platform to provide enhanced services. Agents can even access customers’ desktop remotely. A number of famous IT-based companies provide support to successfully co-ordinate CRM Integration at 8×8 including, ZenDesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, NetSuite etc. For meeting contact center requirements IVR and ACD are fully enabled along with Virtual Queue that reduces the waiting time. Direct Agent Routing feature allows direct dialing numbers to customers for resolving complicated issues.

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This is a very well-known and leading cloud based communication service software meant for large and medium size enterprises. It provides hosted PBX services which results in cost-effectiveness and greater flexibility. Nextiva offers Conditional Call Routing Options that allows an agent to switch between different call queues. Other features include Call Transfer to destined extension with one click, Conference calls, configured call queues that automatically assign callers to an agent after a specified time through Forced Delivery of Calls and Whisper Messaging that whispers callers’ names who are waiting for their turn. For meeting CRM requirements, Nextiva offers Automated Call Distribution (ACD) that assigns calls to proficient agents through Intelligent Skill Based Routing. Nextiva’s Remote Agent Support enables to manage workforce virtually as well. Messages recorded through answer machines are automatically sent to an agent’s email ID that can be responded later through mobiles or computers. To improve a supervisor’s performance, Real-Time management, call-Recording and Historical Reporting are fully enabled. In addition, Silent Monitoring is allowed along with Launching Dashboard and generating call reports with reference to time, agent and queue.

Aspect Software

This amazing software offers great flexibility to cater a variety of business functions and support requirements for medium to large scale setups. This software looks forward to provide management and monitoring solutions effectively despite the limitations of IT resources. Its cloud-based system provides numerous deployment options to fulfill the client’s customer support requirements. Its features include Automatic call Distribution, Call Queue Management, IVR voice recognition, Computer Telephony Integration, Voicemail and Text-to-speech conversion. All these features provide great comfort and enhance an agent’s proficiency. In addition, Web Call-back, Call Conferencing and Workforce Optimization allow better customer services and better employee management.

All these above mentioned software have good rating and wider utility. They were listed at top places in different surveys of best call center software of 2014. If we compare them in terms of their features and efficiency, 8×8 and Nextiva are quite better than others as they offer more inbound, outbound, analysis & reports options, thus increasing the flexibility and efficiency of call center services in term sales, marketing, support, supervision and CRM integration.