Administrative Support:

Providing terrific Data Entry and Web Research Services are deemed as a trademark of DOS; for which it is proud of itself. Our client pool ranges from individuals to small and medium sized business entities who feel contented when their work is done by our trusted hands.

Admin Support

In past years, we have worked thousands of hours on different admin support projects and received excellent ratings.

We, at Digitech Outsourcing Solutions Pvt Ltd, have a team of 20 Admin Support Professionals with a variety of skills including:

  • Fast Copy and Paste
  • Typing Speed of 60-100 WPM (proven online)
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Excellent System handling to quickly grasp the process
  • Good Comprehension to understand what data needs to be entered
  • Attention to detail
  • English Reading and limited Writing Skills

To ensure excellent quality and on time delivery, each project involves a Project Manager and a QA supervisor

Admin Support includes any type of administrative work that can be outsourced, including but not limited to:

Data Entry

Data Entry is a tedious task and can eat up lots of productive hours. Although some steps can be automated, need for manual data entry cannot be ignored. Hiring a data entry person with previous experience and fast system handling may not be difficult however, hiring a right fit with variety of skills can be tough!

Types of Data Entry tasks that we do include:


Data Entry From Images or PDF

We can copy / paste and type data from scanned documents and PDFs into Word, Excel or an Online CMS. Our skilled team can type upto 100 WPM with 100% accuracy.

Samples of Typing tests are provided below:

Actual work samples provided below:

Uploading Content into WordPress

We are well versed with use of WordPress and can help you upload your website content, copy old site to a new WordPress site and do data entry into WordPress.

Examples of websites we populated using WordPress:

Adding Products into Ecommerce Store

We are good at BigCommerce, 1shoppingcart, Magento and few other Ecommerce platforms and can help you upload products to online store. In past, we have uploaded hundreds of products and manage products with single and multiple attributes

Internet Research

World Wide Web is a sea of information and fetching required information can prove to be a difficult task especially when you are only looking for authentic sources. We, at Digitech Outsourcing Solutions Pvt Ltd, not only use proven techniques but also cross verify information to ensure its authenticity.

With Internet Research as one of our core services, we offer following:


List Building

Finding new leads are a key to any business and we can help you connect with your targeted leads.

We can build lists for email and telemarketing pertaining to a specific geographic location or industry. We can find Phone Number, Email Address (company and personal), Mailing Address, Social Media Profiles and Other Useful information about any business.

For instance, we can build list of:

  • all pet clinics in the US with their website and owner’s contact details
  • all businesses in 15 miles radius of a specific zip code
  • all licensed builders in Australia

and much more.

Sample of few research projects we have completed are provided below:

Research on C-Level Management or specific Titles:

We can help you find direct contact details of High Level Officials and titles may include: CEO, COO, CFO, Managing Director, Directors, General Manager, HR Manager and Marketing Manager etc.

We can find their Phone number, Email address and Social Media Profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Samples of previously build lists are provided below:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized list as per your requirements!

Researching missing Emails or Phone Numbers

Our team has experience digging out information buried deep on internet. If you have purchased a marketing list, want to verify authenticity of contact details on an existing list or want to refresh an old list, we can help you do this.

We pride ourselves in getting most data accurately and efficiently

Researching Social Media Detais of contacts / companies

Social Media existence is important in today’s world and ability to understand interests and habits of a potential client / customer are more important. We, at DOS, are not only well versed with popular social media sites but can use tools and techniques to find Social Media accounts of your contacts. For instance, we can help you:

  • Find Facebook and Twitter accounts of CEOs of IT companies in your area
  • Find Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc of companies and individuals that are already on your email marketing list
  • and much more!

Researching Phone Numbers of Tenants in USA

If you are a Real Estate Agent, Broker or another business with needs to contact Tenants, we can help you find their Phone Numbers. We use authentic paid services to collect this information.

We have researched more than 500,000 records so far and our percentage of found phone numbers is usually 70-80%

Sample of previous work is provided below:

Research and Compile Miscellaneous Information

In addition to above, we can find anything available over the internet and compile it for you. For instance,

  • Finding specifications of IT products available in Los Angeles
  • Data Collection on Top US Cities and their Geographic
  • and much more

Below are few samples of research projects we have completed:

Order Processing

Do you sell online and often need to process orders manually? Or want to get orders reviewed to avoid errors? No Problem! we offer 24/7 Support and can help you process orders quickly. Our experience includes:

Amazon and Ebay Orders

If you sell on Amazon or eBay and have a need to fulfill your orders manually, we can help you process them quickly and accurately. We have done similar work for few companies based in US and UK

Cellular Refills and Orders

We have experience processing orders and replenishing balance on cellular numbers for companies based in the US. If you are a dealer of a cellular company like Page Plus, Simple Mobile, Net10, Verizon Prepaid, T-mobile, Tracfone, Red Pocket, and Easy Go etc, we can help you process customer requests including mobile activation and ports.

Miscellaneous Admin Work

Other types of admin support work may include following:

LinkedIn Marketing Assistance via PM Sending and Connecting

If you are looking to connect with potential leads using LinkedIn, we can do the work for you. We can provide administrative support to send Messages, Add new connections and Build Lists off LinkedIn.

We have more than 4 years of experience providing such support.

Sample tasks we have done in past include:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have worked on far more advanced projects and have adapted ourselves to handle certain technicalities in order to improve our working efficiency in this field.

To review our previous work, please see our Portfolios


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