Why Choose Us

  • We are a Pakistan based company – a country facing several issues, but we are equipped with proper contingencies that prove to be of great help in dire times. We have:

    • A UPS system that can provide a power backup for at least 15 hours.
    • 10 Mbps dedicated internet connection; 1MB/sec download and upload speed and another 4Mbps connection as backup.
    • Additional laptops that can be used in case a system is damaged or suffering from software malfunction.
    • A replacement standing by if a worker is on leave.


  • More than 300 clients in 2 years and 20+ all-time clients is something that isn’t achieved without immense hard work and proficiency. Visit our Facebook page or see our company accounts on Elance and Upwork; there you will find a stack of praises, recommendations and salutes from our clients. They all say one thing: “DOS is outstanding at what it does.”

    Recognized for our work

  • “Technology makes life easy.” This seems like an ordinary saying, but DOS has practically demonstrated how to make the lives of its customers easy by the use of latest technologies. These marvelous tools include:

    1. Timecamp (time tracking and personnel management software)
    2. Asana (project management software)
    3. Dropbox (secure online file sharing software)
    4. Ms Word and Excel (Well known Ms Office applications used to process documents and spreadsheets)
    5. Google services including Google Drive and online documents (1TB of Google Drive space and using Google Docs to share documents within team and with clients)
    6. OpenERP to manage all company operations including Project Management, Team’s schedule, Work Planning, Productivity, Human Resource and day to day company operations.

    These gadgets not only help us to improve our working efficiency but also to reduce errors in our assignments. This way we can always deliver on time and also maintain our work productivity.

    State of the art

  • Distressed by working with unorganized setups that are always late when it comes to assignment submission? Well, working with DOS would surely be a relief for you because we are actually an opposite of such companies.

    We are very organized and have a proper work hierarchy where each individual is assigned to a specific task and he is bound to complete it within a given time frame. During this time, the worker is monitored by his supervisor or project manager. Upon submission, his work is reviewed by the quality assurance team who checks for mistakes and asks him to make amends, if required.

    The Bottom line is that it is our organized structure that ensures outstanding quality and timely submission.
    Organized and fast

  • Professional expertise plays a major part in completing a job with great accuracy but in order to achieve brilliance, dedication is required. Here at DOS, we have the right kind of passionate experts belonging to Customer Support, Admin Support and Writing categories that are all about providing excellent services and incredible work quality. It’s this extensive care and artistry that distinguishes us from others and that’s how we manage to get the job done as per our clients’ demands.

    Distinctive quality

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